Being a housewife is being the sole of the house. Housewives today are no longer those exhausted women with a bunch of crying babies all over the place. They are not women wearing bathrobes and hair rollers during their whole day. These are no longer women spending in the kitchen half of their time, falling under the weight of huge pans.

Although modern housewives are nothing like that, they still like spending time in the kitchen. Firstly, it means constant access to different yummy things, and secondly, in the kitchen, they create cooking masterpieces that make their husbands and children to hurry back home from school and office. The housewife is the heart of the family, and the kitchen is a warm heart of the house.

However, all this kitchen housewifing magic is not going to happen without a list of modern household utilities for baking, frying, and generally cooking. Therefore, a respected housewife would want to have all she needs in one place.

Must-Have List

Check out our favorites that most of the housewives would prefer to purchase:

  • multi-speed cake mixer – this is a thing you need to make your perfect cakes without physical punishment when mixing the dough;
  • big wooden cutting board – you may even want several of those, one for meat, one for fish, others for fruit, etc. Whatever is the number of boards, having a separate one for fish is obligatory. Also, pay attention to the wood, it has to be a high-quality piece. You can also oil it a bit to prevent soaking of different liquids into the wood;
  • a blender – this is a life savior for anything, from dough for pancakes to fresh fruit smoothies. You are physically unable to blend the products the way any blender does, so consider investing in this extremely handy item;
  • tints for sugar, salt, flour, pepper, baking soda, etc. In addition to being really reliable and handy, compared to paper bags, these will also become a decoration of your kitchen. You can buy two sets and mix them smartly;
  • whiteboard. It is good for many things – for writing down a list of things to do, or for writing down a receipt of the meal you are cooking, without the need to run back to the cookbook every minute. You can also leave their notes for your husband and kids.
  • a fruit basket is a nice decoration and handy for keeping fresh fruit on the table at any time. People are more likely to eat what they have a hand, so your children and husband will eat more vitamins if you put them immediately on the table;
  • cup tree – this is a cute thing that is also convenient if all the family constantly drinks tea and coffee. In most cases, cups are washed, put on the drier and taken again, never being returned into the cupboard. Instead, put them onto the cup tree;
  • pan rack – a cool method to keep your pans where you see them all, and at hand;
  • cookbook shelf – very useful if you have plenty of books, and actually use them on a regular basis;
  • high-quality tea kettle. Tea kettles always create this cozy feeling of home and safety, so make your family cozy by purchasing a good and pretty tea kettle;
  • apron and towel rack – what can be worse than damp towels laying all over the kitchen and you can never find a clean one? Get an apron and towel rack, and keep your towels in order.

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