What can facilitate your work in the kitchen? Of course, this is a blender – a device that can crush nuts, ice, mix some ingredients for cocktails, grind meat into two bills. When you need to buy a blender, the most important thing is to pay attention to what functions it will do, what needs it should fulfill. It should be noted that not all blenders are ready to do absolutely all the tasks assigned to them equally because they have different functionalities. How you may choose a really good blender from the whole range offered for you, we will try to figure it out in this article.

Types of Blenders

  • Stationary. Works independently. You can make cocktails, mashed potatoes, sauces and creams. Grinding a small amount of food is rather inconvenient. To use you just need to press a button. You do not need to hold the blender in your hands to cook something.
  • Submersible. It is an elongated device resembling a stick. At its end is a knife. To use it you need to hold it in your hands. In addition to mixing, he copes with the grinding of a small number of products. This kind of blender is popular in cooking meals for children.
  • Combined. It combines two previous species. You can remove the device and use it separately or mix something in your own bowl. It will cost more than a regular blender. It is worth buying only complete with nozzles for various types of cuts.

Important points when choosing a blender:

  • Blender power;
  • Blender bowl material;
  • Bowl volume;
  • Speed modes;
  • Care and cleaning of the blender.

Among the many types of household appliances, there are other devices that perform similar functions – mixers or processors. Unlike mixers, the main function of a blender is to chop products with knives, whereas a mixer can only mix and beat them. Therefore, if you compare a blender with a mixer, buying a blender looks more profitable – for a similar price, you get a wider functionality.

When choosing a blender, regardless of its type, it is worth considering the power, the presence of nozzles, weight, speed modes and the material from which the device is made. The bowl capacity is also important. It is worth repelling from individual preferences. It is easy to cook in a blender, and it is easy to take care of it. If you at least once used a blender for cooking any dishes, in the future you will not be able to imagine your life without this device. The blender will not only allow you to save your precious time but will also significantly improve and diversify the taste qualities of the dishes.

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